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Zigzag silver choker

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silver choker with zigzag pattern
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The accentuated curves make it a highly noticeable and visible item of jewellery.

For silver jewellery this really is a stunning accessory, which possess slim elegance and sophistication.

This fairly substantial choker is both long-lasting and made to quality precision. There really is no need to pay more for imitation counterparts when this real silver item can be purchased for less.

zigzag wavy silver choker

Stunning waves

A sterling silver choker in a contemporary swirl style. The zigzag style is a funky accessory of silver jewellery. The design retains sufficient tension so as to permit easy removal to and from the neck line. Since it is 100% nickel free you will not have to worry over skin reactions to nickel that other jewellery might expose you to. This wavy silver choker has both a contemporary look and feel as well as being a practical item of jewellery that can be worn throughout all seasons. It is a solid and quite thick necklace that is robust enough to stand the test of time.


plain silver zigzag choker

Specifications of Silver Choker

Weighing approximatly eighteen grams the necklace is constructed entirely of sterling silver. The cuff band is carefully twisted to produce these stunning waves.