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Silver Cuff Bangle with Curves

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Plain Silver Bangle with curves

This desirable curly and curvaceous cuff bangle, is a wonderfully funky accessory. The simplicity of the design allows it to be worn comfortably with anything.

It makes a chic yet affordable item of silver jewellery.

A lightweight and versatile item of silver jewellery.

A slim accessory that is easy to slip on and off at any time of the day.

silver cuff bangle with curves

Gentle Curves

- A slim, round cuff band of sterling silver, carefully curved and twisted to form a gentle wave of silver. The streamlined design will enhance the natural beauty of a ladies wrist. Altogether this charming cuff band has four upward and four downward curves. The ends of the band are rounded off for extra comfort. This curvaceous and petite curvy cuff bangle makes a divine present.


curved cuff band

Dimensions of Bangle

The approximate diameter of the bangle in the position shown on the photograph is 60mm so it fits snug on a smaller or medium sized wrist. It is not suitable for larger sized wrists. The width of the band is a slim 2mm and its approximate weight is 4 grams.