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Slim Sterling Silver Cuff Bangle

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twin silver cuff bangles

The elegant and simplistic shape permits this polished silver bangle to be worn with anything.

It can be worn pointing upwards or downwards. The design is timeless and can be traced back to ancient kings and queens.

The twin cuff bands create a simplistic yet contemporary look.

two interwoven cuff bands

Two Interwoven Cuff Bands of Silver

- Two cuff bands of sterling silver fuse together to produce this stunning cuff bangle. The focal point is the gentle curve of the cuff band which overlaps the other. A Timeless Classic of silver jewellery that is the ideal companion to any outfit.


twin cuff silver bangle

Dimensions of Cuff Bangle

Approximate wrist width of the bangle in the position shown in the photograph is 65 mm. The central curve is welded upon the lower band. The bangle's approximate weight is fourteen grams.