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The simplicity and style of this unique hand crafted silver bangle is amplified by its smooth and sleek curves.

The well proportioned dimensions of this bangle, coupled with its flowing wave, create a relaxing and comfortable article of jewellery. Constructed from solid silver it is strong enough yet also light enough for everyday use.

In addtion to looking fantastic, the gentle undulations of curls or waves can enhance relaxation.

curved silver cuff bangle

A Stylish Curve of Silver

£18.95 - A simple yet elegant band of sterling silver beautifully curved to form a stylish cuff-bangle. The edges are smoothed for extra comfort whilst giving the bangle a sleek finish. This stunning, curly, cuff bangle is made from fine quality sterling silver throughout.

curly cuff bangle

Bangle Dimensions

Approximate wrist width of the bangle in position shown in the photograph is 60 mm. The width of the tubing is 3 mm and its approximate weight is 10 to 11 grams.Each curvature measures in the region of 20 mm accross.