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Silver Bangle in a Classical Design

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Silver Cuff Bangle in a Classical Design

The design is a classic used for silver jewellery throughout the ages. Its roots can be found in the architecture and artistic works of the ancient greeks.

ancient greek border pattern

The centre of the cuff band has been left unpolished after casting to produce a dark backdrop to the classical lines of the design. Its style and shape permit it to be worn by either gentlemen or ladies.

silver cuff bangle in a classical design

Neo-Classical Design

A unisex cuff bangle. The classical design is inspired from an ancient Greek border pattern. The pattern wraps around the cuff band and is bordered by a smooth beveled edge. The shiny polished linear shape of the pattern is set against a backdrop of darkened silver.


Silver Bangle Dimensions

Approximate wrist diameter 63 mm so it can fit a broad range of average wrist sizes. The width of the cuff band is 10mm and its weight is approximately weight 23 grams.