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Pressed Silver Bangle

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Plain Silver Bangle with pressed segments

The bangle represents Silver jewellery that can be worn at any time of the year with either formal or casual wear.

The intricate silver work gives this chunky item of jewellery a classical look. Suitable for men, or women, it is a sturdy and enduring wrist adornment.

The elegance of the braiding is beautifully framed by the smooth and bulbous border that runs along the side of the cuff.

A plain silver band is carefully hammered at regular intervals to create this unique design.

solid silver pressed bangle

A Pressed Cuff Bangle

A sterling silver cuff-bangle with a unique pattern of pressed segments. Grace your wrist with this magnificent example of delicate yet sturdy silverware.


Bangle Dimensions

pressed silver cuff bangle

The Approximate wrist width of the bangle in the position shown in the photograph is 68 mm. Average width of bangle is 12mm and its approximate weight is roughly 8 grams.