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Silver Palm Tree Pendant

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silver palm tree pendant
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The hand-made pendant is composed of pure sterling silver which is curved and shaped with crafted precision. A voguish pendant that will add a touch of style.

The shape is also loosely based on a palm tree. Throughout history the palm tree has often been associated with victory and somewhat contradictory, as a symbol of peace.

silver pendant of a palm tree

Palm Tree Jewellery

A conceptual sterling silver pendant inspired by the shape and form of tropical trees to give an exotic feel to any outfit. It is made originally form three bands of silver which are carefully reshaped into swirls and then fused together to form one shape.


pendant in the shape of a tree

Tree Pendant Dimensions

A tastefully well-composed silver pendant. This tropical pendant weighs nearly 4 grams of sterling silver and measures approximately 15 mm by a quite long 42 mm. It can be hung from a chain or thong up to 5mm in diameter.