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Silver SeaHorse Pendant

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silver seahorse pendant
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Unlike other animals the male sea-horse becomes pregnant when a female deposits her eggs in his pouch. Once the male gives birth he often becomes pregnant again straightaway!

The image shown is not far off the actual average size of a sea-horse. Its often a common misconception that because it has 'horse' in its name, the creature must be large when in fact it is not.

We would not come from Plymouth without including this nautical item of silver jewellery. The Plymouth aquarium houses a fine collection of real sea-horses some of which were used to model this pendant.

silver pendant of a seahorse

Much-loved sea-horse

A small sea-horse pendant, exquisitely hand crafted from sterling quality silver. This well-made pendant contains all the intricate details of the much-loved sea-horse. It is also small enough to be used as a silver charm (although to fit on some bracelets either the pendant bale will have to be cut or another ring added on.)


Dimensions of Sea-horse pendant

The sea-horse pendant weighs less than 2 grams of hallmarked silver of sterling quality. From head to tail it measures 20mm. It can be hung from a chain or thong of up to 5 mm in diameter. This detailed pendant is a great present not just for those who love sea-horses but to anyone connected with the marine environment.