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Silver Eagle Pendant

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silver bird pendant
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The pendant captures the eagle with its two claws ready to grab its prey. A majestic pendant which has been hand carved and shows in fine detail the beautiful markings of this gracious bird.

Many have used it for ornamental purposes as it can be suspended from a wire attached to say a dark wood to create a perfect shelf or desk top ornament.

For many years the silver eagle has been associated with the silver bullion markets as it is also a coin minted by the US treasury.

silver pendant of an eagle

A Silver Bird of Prey

A sterling silver eagle pendant. The pendant has a jump-ring attached to the rear of its wings for a chain or thong. Its wings are out-streched to bring this bird of prey to life. A marvellous gift of silver jewellery particularly for ornithologists.


Dimensions of Eagle Pendant

eagle pendant

This hand-made and highly detailed little pendant is an essential accessory for line-dancers or lovers of birds of prey. This winged pendant weighs nearly 4 grams of sterling silver and its full wing span measures approximately 30 mm. It can be suspended from a chain or thong up to 5 mm in thickness.