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Silver Celtic Pendant

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silver celtic pendant
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This pendant is suitable for either men or women and of all age groups. A classical design that has stood the test of time immemorial.

This celtic jewellery was inspired from various monuments and artifacts found throughout Cornwall in England. Despite being centuries old, the patterns remain as popular today than ever before.

silver pendant of a celtic pattern

Celtic Jewellery

A divine celtic pendant hand-crafted from sterling silver. This mystical design has celtic origins from thousands of years ago. The design and pattern follows a complex series of triangular shapes. The pendant bale is concealed underneath.


reverse side of celtic silver pendant

Dimensions of Pendant

This magical celtic pendant is composed of 6 grams of hallmarked sterling silver. It measures approximately 24 mm in diameter and can accommodate a chain or thong of up to 5mm in diameter through its jump-ring welded on the reverse side of the pendant.