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Silver Pendants in Plain Designs

Dragon Pendant

dragon pendant

£19.95 - Detailed dragon pendant, hand crafted from 8 grams of sterling silver. The pendant from head to tail measures 50 mm. It has a wide (10mm) jump ring welded to its head which means it can accommodate the thickest of chains. The intricate details of the dragons body are truly outstanding.

detailed dragon pendant
four swirls pendant

Four swirls pendant

four swirls pendant on neck

£7.50 - Four swirls of sterling silver combine to create a simple yet elegant pendant. A lovely item of jewellery. Approximately 23 mm by 23 mm and weighing approximately 3 grams.

dog-tag pendant

Silver dog-tag Pendant

£19.95 - Popularised after the end of the Vietnam War this rounded rectangle of sterling silver creates a traditional dog tag, cast purely from sterling silver. A classical item of silver jewellery that is perfect for engraving. The dog tag measures 19 mm wide and is 33 mm in length. It is a solid eight grams of sterling silver and the bale will accommodate a chain clasp up to 5 mm in diameter. Eight grams in weight.

winged dragon pendant

winged dragons

£22.95 - Symmetrical winged dragons in sterling silver. An interesting and unique design of gothic jewellery. The pendant captures the side profile of a winged dragon, mirrored to produce this stunning pendant. Weight is approximately 10 grams. Its a large pendant with a total wing span of 50mm.

celtic pendant

Celtic pendant

celtic pendant on chain

£19.95 - Detailed celtic design captured in a sterling silver pendant. The celtic design rests inside a depiction of the sun which was greatly revered by the celts. The fine workings of the silverware are suspended from a 7 mm pendant ring. The weight is over 7 grams and it has a diameter of approximately 25 mm. It weighs in the region of 8 grams.