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Trendy silver pendants

Welsh Dragon Pendant

welsh dragon pendant welsh dragon pendant

£24.95 - A large Dragon pendant in sterling silver. Some say this is the Welsh Dragon (it looks the same on the reverse side so that it can be turned around to face right). At 10.5 grams it is a relatively heavy weight pendant. From head to tail it measures a 45 mm.

Surfers pendant

surfers pendant surfers pendant on neck

£9.95 - Surf-board shaped pendant with wave design. The detailed sea waves are highly polished whilst the background is left blackened from the heating processes. A substantial four grams in weight. The length of the board (excluding the bale) measures 37 mm.

Dolphin pendant

twin dolphins  pendant dolphins pendant on a chain

£7.50 - A pair of interlocking dolphins cast in sterling silver. The fine detail wonderfully displays the many attractive features of this remarkable mammal. It measures 30 mm tall and weighs between 2 to 3 grams.

egyptian cat pendant

Egyptian cat

cat pendant on a neck

£19.95 - sterling silver pendant of an ancient egyptian cat (or "mau") set on the background of egyptian hieroglyphics. At its widest points the pendant measures 25 mm by 30 mm and weighs around 8 grams. A unique piece of cat jewellery. The opposite side is plain sterling silver.

Circle around dragon.

circle around a dragon pendantcircled dragon pendant on neck

£23.95 A detailed dragon captured in a ring of sterling silver. The pendant weighs approximately a chunky 10 grams and is composed entirely of sterling silver. The skin, head and tail of the dragon are recreated in exceptionally fine detail. The pendant has a diameter of roughly 34 mm.

Whale Tail Pendant

whale fin pendant worn on a neck whale fin pendant

£9.95 - The classical whale-tail pendant. This design is symbolic of the whales struggle for survival. Weighing approximately three grams, the tail weighs measures 25 mm across. The silver captures the beautiful shape and smoothness of the Whale's Flukes and median notch.