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Eye Pendant

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eye silver pendant

A magical pendant which represents the third eye which often is thought of as being the Pineal gland. The geometric position of this gland in the brain correlates to the geometric position of the great pyramid - hence the triangle.

Wearers of the third eye pendant are to be found throughout centuries of history. it was believed the eye would give them an advanced warning of an impending disaster and reveal hidden attackers.

silver pendant of the thrid eye

Magical Pendant

A Mythical eye Pendant, hand crafted from sterling silver. The blue eye is set in a triangle of silver and is linked to myths of being possessed by magical insight and spiritual properties. The eye is cradled in a wall of silver that also represents eye-lids.

sorry we have sold out of this pendant

Dimensions of Silver Pendant

The 'third-eye' pendant weighs nearly 4 grams of highly polished hallmarked sterling silver and measures approximately 25 mm x 25 mm. It can be hung from a chain or thong of up to 5 mm in thickness. Please note previous versions of the same pendant were in blue which we hope will return shortly.