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Silver Swirl Pendant

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silver swirl pendant
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The flip-side of the pendant is almost identical to the face. The pendant attaches by its welded 5mm bale, which allows it to freely hang and swing from a chain or thong.

The swirl is also a loose interpretation of "meander" the classic Ancient Greek Shape used to create borders.

silver pendant of a square swirl

Plain Silver with style

A swirl of hand-cut sterling silver suspended from a ring clasp, creates this silver pendant in the classic Greek Fret design which can be worn with anything to revitalise your wardrobe. The smooth and reflective surface is given a polished finish enabling the pendant to easily blend into any underlying garment or skin tone.


Dimensions of Pendant

A stylistic and idiomatic design both simple in form and chic in effect. This superb pendant weighs three grams of sterling silver and measures roughly 17mm x 20mm It can pass through a chain clasp that is up to 5mm thick. The hand-made pendant is compiled of pure sterling silver and is large enough to make sure it gets noticed.