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The flip-side of the pendant is almost identical to the face. The pendant attaches by its welded 5mm bale, which allows it to freely hang and swing from a chain or thong.

An original pendant which is posted in a free pouch.

The swirl is also a loose interpretation of the "at" symbol in web addresses making this an unusual gift for those in an technology department.

silver swirl pendant

Plain Silver with style

£6.95 - A swirl of hand-cut sterling silver suspended from a ring clasp, creates this contemporary silver pendant that can be worn with anything to revitalise your wardrobe. The smooth and reflective surface is given a polished finish enabling the pendant to easily blend into any underlying garment or skin tone.

swirl of silver

Dimensions of Pendant

A stylistic and idiomatic design both simple in form and chic in effect. This superb pendant weighs three grams of sterling silver and measures in the region of 25 mm in diameter. It can pass through a chain clasp that is up to 5mm thick. The hand-made pendant is compiled of pure sterling silver and is large enough to make sure it gets noticed.