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Silver Motorbike Pendant

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silver motorbike pendant
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Whether you are a Bike enthusiast or simply looking for a detailed item of silver work, this is the pendant of choice.

The highly skilled craftsmanship can be found in the detail. The spokes of the wheel, headlamps and gearbox are all wonderfully captured by this work of art.

An ideal gift for the man in your life suffering from a mid-life crisis, without the complication of killing himself when he buys a real version.

The engine of the motor bike has been meticulously hand crafted to precise detail to create a unique and quality item of jewellery.

silver pendant of a motor-bike

A Real Bikers Pendant

Hand carved from sterling silver this highly detailed Motor-bike, complete with spinning wheels, makes a magnificent pendant. The design is inspired by the classical looks of a Harley-Davidson motor bike from the latter part of the last century although no specific model of bike was used or copied.


silver motor bike pendant

Pendant Specifications

The small motorbike is approximately 30 mm from tyre to tyre. It weighs appro xi mat ley 8 grams of hallmarked sterling silver. The intricate hand-carvings are fairly detailed on both sides of the pendant which can be worn with the exhaust pipe side facing outwards or vice-versa. The detail includes a carefully crafted silver headlamp, handlebar grips and lights.

The bike can be hung from a chain or thong of up to 5mm in diameter. The wheels spin and the reverse side of the bike includes its exhaust pipe.