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Silver Cat Pendant

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silver cat pendant
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It can be hung from a chain or thong up to 5 mm in thickness. The hand-made cat is composed of pure sterling silver. The silhouette detail and patchwork effect make this pendant excellent value for money. An original pendant

This delightful feline pendant sleeps in its own velvet pouch. The fine detail of the jewellery really brings the features to life.

Cat pendants were a common feature among ancient Egyptian jewellery as the cat was revered and considered sacred.

silver pendant of a cat

Cut out Silver

A sterling silver cat pendant. This novel pendant is an absolute treat for cat lovers. Its made by cutting out the shape of a cat from sterling silver sheet. That sheet is then gently curved and then lightly hammered to created a mottled or patchwork effect.


silver cat pendant

Dimensions of cat Pendant

Now is the opportunity to own a cat without the hassle of daily trips to buy food the cat won't even eat. This feline and lightweight pendant weighs nearly two grams of sterling silver, It measures approximately 32 mm from head to tail. The "purr"-fact gift of jewellery.