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Teddy Bear Pendant

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silver teddy-bear pendant
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As well as a pendant it can also be used as an ornament or addition to any teddy bear collection. It does not have to be confined to a silver jewellery box.

Former US president Theodore Roosevelt, lends his name to the original teddy toy as evidently he refused to shoot a real life bear. The toy bear has been around since about 1902 and its origins spring from both the US and Germany. The German teddy bear was developed by the "Steiff" family based on drawings of bears from Stuttgart zoo.

silver pendant of a teddy bear

The Dancing Bear

A handsome teddy bear cast from sterling silver. The highly detailed teddy has moving arms, legs and head and is a real treat for all teddy bear enthusiasts. The fur of the teddy bear is simulated by tiny hand strokes etched into the surface of the silver making each pendant utterly unique.


teddy-bear silver pendant

Specifications of teddy bear

The rotating head, arms and legs really make this teddy bear pendant come to life. The teddy weighs approximately 4 grams of hallmarked sterling silver. The silverstall teddy is approximately 20 mm tall. It can be hung from a chain or thong of up to 5 mm in diameter.