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Silver Swirl Pendant

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The Buddha depicted in this pendant is "Akshobhya" who was the second "Dhyani buddha". It is a Buddha worshipped particularly by buddhists from the Nepal regions.

reverse side of Buddha pendant

As you can see from the above image, the reverse of the pendant is also highly detailed, with the head attire of the Buddha operating as its clasp.

silver buddha pendant

Buddha Ornament and Pendant

Beautifully hand carved from sterling silver, this highly detailed Buddha can be worn as a pendant or used as an attractive stand alone ornament. This particular Buddha has two arms and one face whilst adopting the "Vajraparyanka" pose. It also exhibits the "Bhusparsa mudra" which means one hand is touching or "calling the earth for witness".

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silver budha

Pendant Dimensions

The Buddha pendant measures 35 mm tall, yet despite its small size is a highly detailed ornament, with extremely fine and precise detail. The Buddha weighs approximately 12 grams of hallmarked sterling silver. It can be hung from a chain or thong of up to 5mm in diameter or can stand alone. The Buddha is considered wise and can give wisdom and wealth to his devotees. He removes evil thoughts from their minds.