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Silver Dagger Pendant

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Its large pendant bale means it can can be suspended from a chain or thong up to 10 mm in thickness, however it can also be used for ornamental or even culinary purposes. A magical pendant which is posted in a free hand-made pouch.

Aside from being an attractive piece of silver jewellery, this novel pendant can also be used as a cocktail stick for piercing cherries etc.

dagger pendant
silver pendant of a square swirl

Finely Detailed Silver

A medieval ceremonial dagger pendant, hand crafted from sterling silver. Unlike its pewter counterparts, this pendant will last a lifetime and beyond. Its fine detail displays the mythological styling of this beautiful ornamental pendant. A symbolic and interesting item of jewellery. The detailed handiwork of its hand grip is inspired by norse myth and fantasy.


dagger silver pendant

Dimensions of Pendant

This hand-crafted and highly detailed mythical dagger is based on medieval designs. The dagger pendant weighs nearly 8 grams of solid hallmarked sterling silver and measures approximately 65 mm in length. The pendant bale is concealed behind the dagger's handle. It is a large bale which can easily accommodate chain clasps of all sizes up to 10 mm.