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kumst amber silver pendant

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kumst amber pendant
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Meaning of Kumst

"Kumst" basically is the description of its colour. Generally it means a brownish-yellow colour with clouding inside the resin

This chunky piece of amber jewellery can be worn all year round with almost any type of style of clothing. It looks terrific suspended from a plain silver snake chain although it can look equally impressive suspended from a cord or leather.

The plain simple design contrasts the awesome complexities of natures marvellous time capsule.

kumst amber pendant

A rectangular Amber pendant

A modestly proportioned Kumst amber set on a rectangular sterling silver mount suspended from a pendant bale. The simple shape has a bevelled edge and is 5 mm thick to add to the extra dimension of depth. Its cute and simple styling gives any outfit that natural and organic feel to its appearance.


Dimensions of Amber Pendant

Approximate width is 12 mm, height 23 mm. The pendant can accommodate a chain-clasp or thong of up to 5mm. Weight is approximately a light 2 grams.

Since the reverse of the pendant is a window frame of silver, the underlying background determines some of the colour. The translucent amber looks more orange on tanned skin and more brown on a white background.