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Tear-Drop Amber Pendant

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tear-drop amber pendant
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The small dome shaped amber is fairly deep giving it an illustrious appeal.

This plenteous portion of amber represents more than simply silver jewellery. Its a manifestation of a prehistoric age. Myths, legends, wars and civilizations have all come and gone during the lifetime of this remarkable resin.

tear-drop amber pendant

Stunning Amber Jewellery

A small to medium sized amber pendant in a tear drop shape. The amber is cradled in a plain sterling silver mount which is similarly tear drop in shape. Its stunning shape makes this pendant really stand out from the crowd. Never before has this revered resin looked so magnificent than in this beautiful amber pendant.


Dimensions of Amber Pendant

The pendant at its widest point is 15mm and at its longest is 25mm. The large tear drop is of the cognac coloured variety of amber. The weight is approximately two grams. It is cupola cut with an impressive depth of 7mm. The rear of the mount is a lovely plain finish of silver work.

The cognac shade of orange is flecked with darker hues and shades of light brown which you would normally expect of an amber of such good quality.