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long oval orange amber pendant

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oval shaped amber in ornate silver pendant
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The adorable pendant has a highly detailed leaf falling over to one side.

The ornate structure and design allows this treasured item of jewellery to be worn casually or formally.

The rear of the pendant is an oval shaped frame permitting visual and light access.

Thousands of years of history are captured in this attractive and sunny amber. The amber itself comes from the Russian city of Kaliningrad located next to the Baltic Sea.

orange amber in ornate pendant

a long Oval Orange Amber

A silver pendant composed of an long oval orange amber cradled by a decorated loop of silver wire on its sides. The large and vivid amber is protected by a a carefully designed mount, that adds to the strength and durability of the pendant. The aesthetics are further enhanced by a a delicate swirl of silver set to the left of the amber.


Dimensions of Amber Pendant

Weighing 12 grams this pendant is testimony to the high level of skills required to make it. It is 8 mm deep and radiates charm as well as quality craftsmanship. The profile is as exciting as the frontal. Cusped in two layers of silver which delicately wrap themselves graciously around this awesome resin.The amber is dome is shape giving the extra quality of depth, which adds further to the variety of rich orange and brown colours.