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Long and slim rectangular green amber silver pendant

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long and slim green amber pendant
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A rectangle of majestic elegance. The green amber is set in a rectangle of silver to create a stunning pendant. The amber is coloured green from chlorophyll trapped inside the resin during its solidifying stages over thousands of years.

Its shape is versatile, yet retains a uniqueness of style. Unquestionably a modern and attractive piece of jewelry.

A fusion of natural shades of green colour balanced by the neutrality of silver.

large oval green amber pendant

Green Amber

A stunning rectangular green amber set on a sterling silver pendant. This beautifully simple composition is slightly wider at the foot of its body, giving it a unique style. The pendant is home to a rich display of green colours that radiate from the mysterious and ancient interior of the amber.


Dimensions of Amber Pendant

Approximate width of the pendant at its widest point is 10mm, height 30mm. The solid clasp can accommodate a chain-clasp or thong of up to 7mm. It Weighs slightly above six grams. The opposite side of the pendant is a mount of shining sterling silver. Its substantial depth of 8mm gives it a quality feel. We have further information about amber from this site.