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Green Amber

green amber

When the sap from the ancient trees is morphed into the resin we now recognize as amber, sometimes traces of chlorophyll is also trapped. It is this that gives the amber a green colour. The various shades of green vary according to the concentration of chlorophyll but also elements of cobalt inside the resin have also known to create a greenish colour.

So what is chlorophyll?

Basically it is the chemical, which is the essence of organic plant life. During the formation of the resin small parts of plant life become trapped. Within that plant life is the chlorophyll. Its core element is magnesium surrounded by a complex protein. Its function is to absorb light and transform it into energy. This process is called photosynthesis. We have a wide range of green amber in our Plymouth jewellery shop. It is becoming increasingly scarce so it could also make a sound investment as it is extremely likely to rise in value as demand for green amber grows.

It is a perfect material for use with silver jewellery because the rich green colours combine so well with the neutrality of the silver colour. Moreover some of the greens found in this type of amber vary considerably from a dark to a light green making jewellery that use it really stand out.