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Large Green Amber Bangle

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silver bangle with green amber
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The spiral design magnificently captures the regal qualities of this natural resin.

The cuff bangle has a wrist measurement of approximately 64mm although it can be expanded slightly.

The green colours of the amber blend with any dark colour. The reverse side of the amber mount is a plain silver window that allows light to pass through. Many hours can spent gazing into this mysterious and ancient resin.

large tear-drop shaped green amber bangle

An Oval Green Amber Cuff Bangle

A large tear-drop shaped green amber set in a foliage of sterling silver and flanked by an intricate and ornate silver work. The amber is cradled between two swirling silver cuff bands which taper to a fused, rounded end.


Dimensions of Bangle

24 grams in weight and with a green pear-shaped amber that measures 35mm by 48mm this is a glorious and ostentatious bangle. The stunning feature of this jewellery is that it combines an ornate setting of stunning silverware with the beautiful green amber.