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Slim Amber Pendant

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long slim amber pendant
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This lovely rich Baltic amber is brought to life by the simplistic styling.

The pendant can not only be worn with a silver chain or leather cord, but also suspended from a V shaped choker.

Its amber has a deep cognac hue throughout although it is possessed with a rich variety of orange and brown colours.

slim amber pendant

Long Slim Silver Pendant

A ravishing rectangular amber silver pendant. The long slim amber is carefully hand-cut and is mounted in a similarly cut silver base with pendant clasp attached at the upper end. The four corners of the resin are rounded to give a smooth and natural finish.


Dimensions of Amber Pendant

The pendant is a long 36 mm and a slender 10 mm wide. It has a good depth of 6 mm and has a beveled upper surface. It has a significant weight of six grams.

The side of the pendant is a cup of brilliant sterling silver, with a portion cut out underneath to allow light to pass through ands illuminate the amber.