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Tear drop or Pear Shaped Green Amber Pendant

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large green amber pendant
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Silver jewellery has never looked better than this pretty pendant. Ancient history combines with modern styles to produce the designers choice of silver pendant.

The pendant looks stunning when suspended from a silver snake chain although it can look equally as effective from cord or leather.

This dark green colour is a favoured colour of amber jewellery. It is thought the colour comes from decaying vegetation particularly if the origins of the amber are a marsh.

large oval green amber pendant

A Large Tear Drop of Amber

A large tear or pear-shaped drop of green amber. The amber is set in a body of silver in a similar pendeloque shape. The rounded pendant bale is secured into a jump ring welded onto the pendant body. A bulbous piece of amber with a shape that both adds depth and ignites the imagination.


Dimensions of Amber Pendant

The Tear drop shaped amber has an approximate width of 27mm at its widest point and a height of 35mm. The pendant can accommodate a chain-clasp or thong of up to 7mm. Its weight is a modestly proportioned ten grams. The bulbous cut is smooth and round.

The pointed edge of the pendant is rounded and smooth. Its pendulum body swings freely on the bale.