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Round Orange Amber Bangle

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round amber in silver bangle

This ornate and pretty bangle is suitable for all ages and styles.

Amber is the fossilized resin from the arteries of ancient trees. The large orange amber captures the magical properties of this revered resin. The variety of orange colour found in a rare piece of this size can match any outfit in natural colours

We believe there are only a few items of silver jewellery that surpass the regal and majestic qualities of this natural and intriguing bangle.

round amber bangle

A Round Orange Amber

- A round shaped orange amber mounted in an ornate and stylistic polished silver setting. The amber is cradled by two curved arms of silver decorated with a leaf and flower design. The hand worked silver beautifully frames this exquisitely cut green amber.


Dimensions of orange amber bangle

round orange amber

The diameter of bangle in closed position is 64 mm. Approximate weight is 18 grams. The beautiful orange amber itself, has a generous diameter of 34 mm. The amber is 8 mm deep and has a bevelled smooth edge. The mount is supported by two 3mm wide bands that fuse into one at the rear of the bangle.