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Large Amber Bangle

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large amber set in silver cuff bangle

The three natural colours of amber all contained in one item of jewellery. This gives the bangle remarkable versatility as it the range of colour will enable it to be combined with a greater number of outfits.

The curved cut of the amber's edge is domed shaped and is carefully set in a tear shaped plinth of silver.

The unique support to the plinths give the design flare in an imaginative and sleek fashion.

pear shaped amber on silver cuff bangle

A large Amber on a Silver Cuff Bangle

A stunningingly beautiful large amber set in an ornate silver cuff bangle. The pear shaped amber is cradled by two arms of sterling silver that are decorated with a floral motif. The traditional orange and brown colours are really brought to life by this adorable item of silver jewellery.


Amber Bangle Dimensions

Approximate diameter of bangle as illustrated above is 66 mm. Its approximate weight is 22 grams. The large amber is tear drop in shape which gives the resin an extra depth. From its rounded tip to the uppermost curve it measures 38 mm. It has an average depth of roughly 13 mm so it is a thick and chunky slice of amber.