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Big Amber Bangle

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big amber set in silver bangle

The amber rests on a frame of silver which allows light to naturally pass through. This also means the bangle can subtly blend with whatever skin tone or cloth upon which it rests.

The rich patterns of the amber are captivated majestically by the simple yet creative design

The bangle itself has a wrist width of roughly 65 mm which is the average size for a medium sized wrist.

The two cuff bands of silver fuse together and for extra support they are bound by four small silver rings wrapped around them.

plain silver cuff

- A big and chunky piece of amber cradled by two arms of sterling silver create this unique cuff bangle. The amber is the traditional amber orange and cognac colour. This magnificent specimen is relatively deep giving it a three-dimensional feel and look.


Dimensions of Amber Bangle

chunky amber bangle

Weighing in excess of 18 grams this truly is a solid chunky item of silver jewellery. The asymmetrical amber measures an impressive 35 mm in length and is slightly tear-drop in shape with a depth of approximately 10 mm. The mount is decorated with a leaf and floral stem detail.