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Large Ornate Amber Bangle

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large amber set in silver cuff bangle
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It has taken hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, to create this completely unique sample of amber.

The amber is bulbous in shape and has a depth (at its central point) of a staggering 20mm.

The ornate floral decor adds to the intrigue of this alluring accessory. The eye shaped silver mount permits light to flow freely though the amber.

plain silver cuff

Baltic Amber

A very large pear shaped Baltic amber set on a silver cuff bangle. The bangle is decorated with an ornate and intricate foliage and curves. The setting is supported by two curved arms of silver that taper together to form a smooth rounded end. The bulbous, dome shape of the amber produces an extra decorative dimension. A band of silver binds the two supporting cuff bands.


Dimensions of Amber Bangle

This mammoth item of amber jewellery weighs in excess of 30 grams. The amber itself measure 40mm at its widest point and 45mm in length. This amazing cognac coloured resin is complimented at on one end, with a small flower and leafage, carved from sterling silver. From its apex to its base it measures a 20mm deep.