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Orange Amber Bangle

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An extremely outstanding item of amber jewellery. It can be worn at any time of the year. It is coloured in the traditional orange you associate with high quality amber.

The awesome qualities of this deep and chunky piece of amber, are truly eye-catching.

The decorative ornate design arches to ti form flttened bands that form the basis for the cuff. The bangles can be opend slightly to accomodate larger wrists.

plain silver cuff

Orange Amber

- An oval shaped orange amber set on an ornate piece of silver work. This voluminous amber is dome is shape which enhances its natural beauty. The silver work has a floral motif and cradles the amber to form a stunning silver amber bangle.


Amber Bangle Specifications

orange amber bangle

This stunning amber bangle weighs 24 grams. the immense amber itself measures approximately 44 mm by 32 mm. At its centre the dome measures 12 mm in height and has a wonderfully smooth and polished finish.