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Curved Orange Amber Bangle

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curved amber set in silver cuff bangle

The intricacy of the design enhances natures creation. This petite yet enduring bangle is a classical item of silver jewellery.

The natural orange of the amber will add sunshine to a rainy day.

There is a little swirl of silver that sits in the upper right of the amber and is part of the floral pattern that adds irresistibility to this bangle.

plain silver cuff

Perfect Simplicity

- A very unusual curved amber bangle. The curved, orange amber is cradled by two supporting arms of sterling silver, which permit light to flow freely though the amber. The bold shape is complimented by an intricate working of silver in a floral design. A truly unique item of jewellery that never fails to inspire.


curved amber bangle

Dimensions of Amber Bangle

Approximate diameter of the bangle in closed position 65 mm although because it ius a cuff this is expandable. Its approximate weight is 17 grams. The length of this relatively large orange amber is 45 mm.