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Silver Toe-rings with Crystals

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These are some of the new and exciting additions to our on-line collection, using small crystal stones to add colour and sparkle to the toe-ring.

All our toe-rings are made from hallmarked silver. This means they are at least 92.5% silver and therefore they can be safely worn underwater without causing any damage to your feet or to the ring.

Some toe-rings are cuff bands and not completely round. This is to prevent damage to your toes and can easily be expanded so you do not have to worry about different sizes. An attractive and comfortable fashion accessory.

Sterling Silver Toes Rings at £3.95 each

toe ring of the sun
plain silver toe ring
wave toe ring
toe ring with lines
toe-ring with pink stones
pink stones toe-ring

Accessorise your feet with a display of wondrous pink stones set on sterling silver. The little stone will add that finishing touch to any outfit.

amethyst silver toe ring

A beautiful fashion accessory with an amethyst coloured crystal as its centre-piece.

white crystals toe ring
white crystal toe-ring

A solitaire White Crystal will make your tootsie sing with sparkle.