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Toe Ring with Solitaire White Crystal

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Silver Toe Ring with Solitaire White Crystal
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The fine lattice of silver wire is bent with precision and welded together by hand. The delicacy of the wire is further strengthened by the swirls which give the outer bands and the crystal support.

The white crystal is actually set in its little mount that rests on top of the silver wire structure. The raised elevation gives more light and visual access to the stone when worn.

Toe Ring with Solitaire White Crystal

Crystal Toe Ring

- Silver jewellery that gives your tootsies style and panache with this beautiful silver toe ring. A brilliant white crystal is cradled by two loops of silver wire and elegant swirls. The wire double loops, with its two ends bent to create an interesting swirl. The cuff band allows the toe ring to be opened further to accommodate most sizes of toes.


Dimensions of Toe-ring

The stunning round, solitaire crystal has a diameter of 3 mm. Its approximate weight is 1 gram of polished sterling silver. The diameter of the ring in its normal position is 20 mm. The round crystal is a brilliant white colour, reflecting light in a rainbow of shades, which adds glitzy, glamour to your feet.