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Silver toe-ring with Amethyst

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toe-ring with amethyst
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The toe ring is not plated or composed of any oxidizing metal. Water will not harm the silver ensuring it is safe to wear during water sports of other activities

An ideal little keepsake of silver jewellery, that can adorn little fingers as well as toes.

Did you know that Amethyst is the birthstone for February.

toe-ring with amethyst

Amethyst Coloured Crystal in a Daisy

A cuff band of sterling silver, with an amethyst coloured crystal as its centre-piece, creates this beautiful toe-ring. The purple crystal is bordered by a daisy pattern of silver.


Dimensions of Amethyst Toe-Ring

Its lightweight (approximately two grams) ensures a comfortable fit, of polished sterling silver. Hand crafted from sterling silver, the approximate diameter of the ring in its normal position is 14 mm. The small deep purple crystal measures roughly 3 mm across. (please note it is not an amethyst)