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Silver Claddagh Toe Ring

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Like any silver jewellery the toe ring will eventally tarnish unless cleaned with the a silver polish cloth. It is fully water resistant and can worn whilst bathing without any damage.

You do not have to wear it specifically for toes. This can be a cheap alternative to buying a formal silver claddagh ring, because it is adjustable and is particularly suited to small fingers.

Some say the heart represents love, the crown loyalty whilst the hands offer friendship.

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An Irish Poem on your Toes

Add poetry to your feet with this sterling silver toe-ring in the classical claddagh design. Inspired by an Irish poet it is said to mean "with these hands i crown thy love for thee". The cuff design leads to comfort and durability.


Specifications of Claddagh or Clannagh Toering

Weighing approximately 1-2 grams of polished sterling silver, the toe ring has been hand crafted with an excellent finish. The diameter of the ring in its normal position is 15 mm. Some say the correct english spelling of the translation from Irish should be "Clannagh" instead of "Claddagh". Some say it has its origins in the old fishing village of Claddagh located just beyond the old city walls of Galway.