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Silver Hammered Torque Bangle

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Plain Silver Hammered Torque Bangle

The torque bangle never goes out of fashion. If you are passionate about silver jewellery then you must have a torque in your collection.

This symmetrical and flawless design, has graced the wrists of the rich and famous for many a year.

The hammered and twisted design gives an old classic a fresh and contemporary look and feel.

hammer effect torque silver bangle

Hammered Effect Silver

A classical sterling silver bangle with a twist. The traditional torque bangle is manipulated and crimped with a series of flattened sections to give it a more exciting and modern look. The solid tubular band curves to two ball ends. The whole piece is given a gentle hammered finish. This stylish silver bangle is suitable either for gents or ladies of any age group and of any style.


Dimensions of Torque with a Twist

Approximate diameter of bangle in position shown in the illustration is 67 mm. The width of tube is 4 mm and its approximate weight is ten grams. The two end balls have a diameter of about 8mm each. The bangles weight is 14.4 grams.

The bangle's twists are interspersed with flattened sections to give a mildly hammered finish to the silver.