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Round Engraved Bangle

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Round Silver Bangle with engraving

A solid construction that with simple styling that can accessorise any outfit.

The bangle looks cool by itself or with other bangles. Some use it to keep a larger bangle from sliding whilst others use it to suspend charms from.

A sterling silver safety chain secures the concealed clasp.

round engraved silver bangle

The width of the band is only 5 mm making it a discreet and subtle addition of silver jewellery to your attire.

cut plain silver bangle

Stylish Engraving on Silver

An all round silver bangle. The bangle opens from a concealed pivot. The slim bangle has a bevelled edge which has been engraved with a series of diagonal cuts along that edge. On the top surface of the bangle are a series of diamond shaped cuts. Its unique simplicity enhances its style. Its relatively light weight makes it comfortable to wear. It looks equally as cool if worn by itself or grouped with similar silver bangles.


Dimensions of Bangle

An all round classic. This slim bangle is composed of pure sterling silver. Its wrist width is 65 mm however the bangle swivels open to ease passage over the hand. It weighs approximately eight grams and the underside also has a plain polished finish.

silver all round bangle