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Silver Cage Bangle

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Plain Silver Bangle made with vertical bars

A noticeable and eye-catching design. The tapered ends of the cuff are sleek and smooth for comfortable wear.

The design allows perspiration and air to pass freely through the bangle allowing to be worn with greater comfort.

Issued in its own protective drawstring bag.

Of a similar design perhaps maybe consider a diagonal bangle

solid silver cage bangle

Vertical Bars of Silver.

Silver curved bars, precision welded onto a cuff bangle, create this highly fashionable bangle. The design resembles a cage and is both chunky and comfortable. A greatly desired item of silver jewellery which will accessorize your wrist in a noticeable yet elegant fashion. Each bar is painstakingly welded together and then highly polished by hand.


cage bangle

Dimensions of Silver Bangle

Approximate wrist diameter is 65 mm although this can carefully be opened and closed by about ten per cent. Its approximate weight is a chunky 33 grams. Each vertical bar measures approximately 28 mm in length.