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silver and Amethyst Bracelet

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silver bracelet with faux diamonds
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The regal qualities possessed by this magnificent bracelet are enhanced by the mounts of each stone, which each have an oval window on the underside to permit light to shine through. An example of elegant and stylish bling with real silver.

bracelets with zircons
silver bracelet with three columns of amethyts bracelets with zircons


Three columns of faceted Amethyst crystals set in sterling silver are linked to form this outstanding bracelet. Each amethyst is clawed and the overall effect is is to create a glittering array of light purple crystals. The perfect dress bracelet for formal wear. Weight is 38 grams. A magical gift of silver jewellery.


A Superb and Royal Bracelet


amethyst silver bracelet

Each amethyst crystal measures roughly 4 mm x 6 mm. There are a staggering 57 individually cut amethyst stones used to create this pageant of elegant purple. The bracelet is extremely flexible and very comfortable to wear with the design permitting the free flow of air preventing any unnecessary wrist perspiration often associated with such large bracelets. It is 7.5 inches (190 mm) in length and is 20 mm wide.