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One Disc of shiva Shell

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silver bracelet with oval shaped shiva-shells
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The bracelet is a fine example of combining natural organic materials to form an imaginative piece of wrist jewellery.

silver bracelet with the reverse side of the shiva shell

Its a double sided bracelet as the disc can be flipped over and worn with the hazy green reverse side of the shell facing upwards.

silver bracelet with one round shiva shell

A round Disc of Shiva Shell

A round disc shape of shiva-shell set in silver. The centre piece is the stunning white shiva shell cradled by a smooth sterling silver snake chain bracelet.


Dimensions of Shiva Shell Bracelet

With a light weight of 2.7 grams this polished sterling silver bracelet is easy to wear and has been hand crafted with a superb finish. The dimensions of the shiva shell is approximately 11mm. The circular plinth is cradled by sterling silver snake chain leading to their clasps.

The overall diameter of the centre plinth measures 18 mm.The bracelet has a spring loaded ring clasp and is approximately 6.5 inches (160mm) long. The round shiva shell itself has a diameter of approximately of 10 mm.