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Heart Shaped shiva Shell

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silver bracelet with eight heart shaped shiva-shells
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You can combine the bracelet with almost any attire and at any event or occasion. This unique item of hand crafted jewellery is a favorite among both young and old and crosses all age and fashion groups.

the reverse underside of the silver bracelet with heart shaped shiva-shells

The reverse side of the bracelet exposes the natural green and brown colour of the shells underside.

silver bracelet with shiva shell hearts

A Romantic Gift of Natural Jewellery

Eight romantic shiva-shells inlaid on a silver bracelet. The heart shaped silver mounts accommodate each delightful little shell. It is 7 inches long although the series of jump rings at one end enable it to be fastened for a shorter length (6.5 ins).The perfect gift of romance combining both the heart shape with the personal nature of the unique shell.


Dimensions of Bracelet

The bracelet weighs 6.4 grams and is composed of sterling silver. The individual heart shaped shiva shells measure approximately 10mm by 10mm. Each heart shape is domed shaped in depth up to approximately 3mm.