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Oval Shaped shiva Shell

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silver bracelet with oval shaped shiva-shells
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The white background permits this bracelet to be worn with a multitude of attire.

Between each shell is a sterling silver jump ring. All these rings are welded to prevent the bracelet falling apart,

This white bracelet makes an enduring and delectable item of silver jewellery.

The shiva shell has been a desirable ornamental item since ancient times and its usuage can be traced back to earlier Indian civilisations.

silver bracelet with ten oval shiva shells

Ovals Shiva-Shells

Ten oval shaped shiva-shells all linked by sterling silver jump rings. The lovely swirls are said to represent the shape of the universe which in ancient mythology bring good fortune to those who come in contact with them. It has a one inch extender chain and fully extended it measures 7.25 (18.41 cm) in length.


Dimensions of Shiva Shell Bracelet

Weighing 4.2 grams this bracelet has a lovely flexible and cool feel. Each shell measures approximately 7mm x 6mm and at its centre is 2mm deep. The bracelet is secured by a small spring loaded ring clasp.