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Shiva Shell Bracelet

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silver bracelet with oval shaped shiva-shells
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Each shell possesses its own unique charm that will delight and intrigue its wearer. A natural and unique piece of silver jewellery.

silver bracelet with ten oval shiva shells

A Double Sided Bracelet

It can be worn either with the swirls facing up or with the green and white side of the shell facing up. The shells are slightly dome in shape and their wonderful colours give you the option of wearing it as either a white or green bracelet.

A unique and versatile piece of jewellery that seemingly never dies from the fashion scene. With the shell theme it also makes a great summer beach fashion accessory.

silver bracelet with ten oval shiva shells

Ellipse Shapes of Shiva-Shell

Nine round shapes of natural shiva-shell set on a bezel silver mount and linked by silver jump-rings. The smooth, curved finish of the mounts enhances the nautical beauty of the shells. A generous length of 7 inches with a ⅔ inch extender chain. The bracelet is fastened by a silver hook and ring clasp.


Dimensions of Shiva Shell Bracelet

It weighs 10.6 grams. The centre-piece round shiva shell has a diameter of 15mm. The natural shells either side of it taper to a smaller shell with a diameter of 10mm. Aside from its extender chain the length can be adjusted by simply hooking the end onto any of the jump rings between the shells, so this bracelet fits a wide range of wrist sizes.