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The Uses of Silver

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Types of Silver

Silver has a wide variety of industrial uses, that range from its use in batteries, to its use as a catalyst in the making of plastics. Its is also an important solder in many industries particularly electronics.


Perhaps one of silvers better known use is for the creation of cutlery. For centuries it has been used to make some of the worlds most beautiful spoon, knives and forks

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Silver jewellery is as popular today as it always has been. What makes it an everlasting fashion accessory is its incredible durability. In many respects it will like your dreams never corrode or fade. We compare it to Gold, palladium and platinum, outlining reasons why silver is the best choice the next time you shop.

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Jewellery for Men and Women

One of the many excellent features of silver jewellery is that it is suitable for both men and women of all age groups. It can be passed down from generation to generation, bringing joy and well-being to those who own it. For centuries good health has been associated with wearing it. In ancient times it was thought that if the silver turned black it was a sign and warning of impending ill-health.

Did you know? - silver is the best known conductor of electricity and heat and has numerous scientific and medical applications.

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Compared to Gold

The advantages of silver is that it is reasonably priced, its neutrality blends with any background and it is highly malleable and versatile. The disadvantages of gold are that it is over priced, sometimes ugly and presents a higher security risk than silver.

As a compliment to other metals

Frequently silver is combined with other metals to either enhance the qualities of that metals aesthetic or durability. Fine examples of such combinations include mixing silver with gold to produce white gold. Another old fashioned mixture was Sheffield plate whereby a layer of silver was fused onto a layer of copper.