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Seasonal Jewellery

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You have seasonal jobs, seasonal food, seasonal clothing and many other things which depend on the four seasons. Jewellery is no exception with some jewellery designed specifically for summer and some for winter.

Fashion Weeks

The launch of new jewellery designs in part follows the seasonal ritual of the big fashion weeks or shows. These shows provide an opportunity for the market leaders and brand names to showcase their latest designs in preparation for the forthcoming seasons.

silver jewellery in four seasons

Jewellery for all seasons

Such is the versatility of Silver jewellery that it truly is suited for all four seasons. In the winter the cold chill can be warmed by a glowing pair of silver earrings with an amber or colourful stone. In the summer a silver ankle chain can add to a summer's dress.

In the summer a favourite accessory is the silver toe ring. Worn on a hot summers night across a sandy beach it adds a gleam to an otherwise bland tootsie.

pianist wearing silver ring

When to wear it?

From weddings to a day in the office, it is a truly versatile accessory. Unlike gold jewellery there is much greater variety of styles and designs. From going to a classical piano recital to digging the garden, it matters not, you can wear it anywhere. The type depends on the occasion. Dress silver jewellery is clearly more suitable for that special event whereas everyday plain designs are ideal for the home or office.

What to wear with it?

Predominantly this comes down to personal choice and style. Since silver jewellery is such a versatile accessory you can almost get away with wearing anything with it. If you are thinking of buying jewellery for a season then as a general rule wear heavy chunky items through the winter months so that it can be seem among heavy clothing) and wear light, petite jewellery throughout the summer months. However once again it all comes down to personal choice.