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International Hallmarks

International hallmarking is a vast and complex topic that covers virtually every country in the world. Each hallmark for each country varies from for example a simple 'made in Iceland' mark to the illustrative thistles and castles of Scottish hallmarks.

International Bullion

If you buy silver as an investment then chances are you buying bullion silver. This means in bulk and it can be bought in many forms. The most common are bars or coins. Bars are rectangular slabs of pure silver and they bear the mark of its manufacturer and a mark indicating its purity. Coins vary from the Chinese panda to the American Eagle.

925 hallmark on silver

Current UK Hallmarks

In the Uk there are currently four hallmarks for silver which has to be applied to any jewellery item weighing over 7.78 grams:-

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In the 12th century the English King, Edward I, decreed that silver should be tested for its quality and refinement. He also ordered that a mark should be stamped on the silver to confirm that it had passed this test. This test was called an assay and gave birth to the modern assay offices and hallmarking systems.