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You can learn more about moonstone The pearl and moonstone blend to create a stunning display of beauty that can add a touch of class to any outfit.

Each moonstone is carefully hand cut into a a semi-regular cube shape, which enhances their alluring sheen.

Expect to pay four times more elsewhere for this truly dazzling necklace.

cube shapes of moonstone on necklace
pearl and moonstone necklace

Freshwater Pearls

£16.95 - An outstanding item of costume jewellery. This audacious and attractive necklace is composed of multi- strands of natural pearls and moonstones. The stunning array of blue and white makes this an extremely attractive necklace. The cascading effect adds to the style and effect. A necklace that truly has to be seen to be believed such is its outstanding natural beauty.

The illustrious moonstones are a mixture of both the rainbow type (as distinguished by its brighter blue colour) and the clearer type that has a blue hue to it.

Necklace Dimensions

freshwater pearls and moonstones

Freshwater pearls and real moonstones strung on a 18 inch choker style transparent wire. The necklace has an extender chain whereby you can link the clasp to the last jump ring making the necklace 20 inches in length. The semi-round pearls vary in size with the largest being 5 mm in diameter. The weight of the necklace is slightly over 70 grams so you know it is a substantial piece of real jewellery.