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Chokers with Shells in Vibrant Colours

All our chokers and necklaces use only natural shells. The hooks and clasps are nickel free. The shells whilst being natural are artificially dyed to give them a brighter and more colourful appeal.

Every necklace is further decorated with a row of small ocean beads that match the colour of the shell. Above each connector ring is a slightly larger ocean bead that has a small plain silver ball above it for further decoration.

model wearing pink shell necklace

Colour Dyed shells

£3.95 each

Five columns of Natural Shells are linked by 3 mm jump-rings suspended from a beaded choker. Available in five colours. A special offer price of £3.95. Each necklace is 16 inches (178 mm) long which makes them the ideal choker length.

black shell necklace

Black - the neutral colour of dark grey to black blends with anything. The shells are an interesting blend of greys and black to add diversity to the colour range.

white shell necklace

White - the shells are left un dyed and are naturally white. Once again the neutral colour means it can be worn with almost any outfit.

brown shell necklace

Brown - a light brown dye has been applied to give these shells a new look with this seasons colour. The beautiful rustic colour is full of natural charm.

pink shell necklace

Pink - shocking pink dyed shells for that zany night out. A great pink accessory that will brighten up any outfit. The cascading effect of the shells add to the eye-catching appeal of this necklace.

blue shell necklace

Turquoise - Blue -light blue dyed shells are suspended from the choker wire which is lined with small ocean beads in an identical turquoise colour. As with all the necklaces they are attached by a simple hook and clasp situated to the rear of the choker wire.